How To Keep Your Job Safe From ChatGPT & AI

With AI becoming more and more hype, businesses are concerned and wonder: will my job go away? The answer is simple: it will not.

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In what appears to be a flash, artificial Intelligence (AI) has a 10x increase in the number of marketers ability to create content.

And with GPT-4 scheduled to be launched in Q1 2023, the marketing industry is a step closer to fulfilling its goal of streamlining ideas, research delivery, analysis and iteration across all of the creative formats (text audio, images, text or video).

But in the midst of AI being hypnotized each day We see writers, designers and all kinds of marketers pondering and asking:

This is why we’ve added the AI In Advertising track to this year’s Ad World 2023 at-home conference.

Let’s try to answer some of your most urgent concerns about AI for marketing.

Will My SEO Job Or Content Marketing Career Disappear Because Of AI?

The short answeris: No. AI will not accept your job as a digital marketer.

The answer is long: AI will multiply touches and speeds up the testing process, which could enhance your relationships with your workplace and personal bandwidth.

There’s a bright side regarding AI: AI is also not likely be able to “take over everything humans do.”

It’s going to be one of the tools that every digital professional employs to improve their productivity.

How Will AI Enhance My Digital Marketing Job?

AI tools such as ChatGPT can:

  • Provide you with tools that help make briefings for creative ideas easier to understand.
  • Allow pitch ideas that can share information faster and more precisely.
  • Improve client relations between departments as well as in marketing agency partnerships.
  • Find tools integrations which give you an undisputed competitive edge.
  • Reduce the amount of time used for analysis and thought process.
  • Test other creatives and marketing ideas.
  • Allow more marketing and products to launch within a shorter period of time.
  • Small businesses can benefit from an easier way to write and design and preparing for the possibility of scaling into the realm of creative excellence in the near future.

How Can PPC, Paid Media & SEO Professionals Incorporate AI?

For SEO and advertisers Integrating AI will give you greater creative flexibility and the possibility of refreshing assets frequently, at a fraction of budget, time resources, budget, and time.

You’ll improve your workflow through the automatic:

  • Keyword ideas generation.
  • Ad hooks for video and scripts.
  • High-resolution original images for ads.
  • Headlines, description lines as well as extensions to Google Responsive Advertisements along with Performance Max.
  • Descriptions, Headlines and primary texts for Facebook posts and ads.
  • Captions for TikTok ads and posts.
  • Subheaders, subject lines, along with body content for email marketing campaigns.
  • Product descriptions for Shopify.
  • Search engine optimized articles and landing pages.

The reason is that AI can make marketing efforts and the creation of content more valuable since original content is often neglected, but thanks to AI this content can be available on multiple platforms, in different formats and at a speed that is unbeatable. This makes creating original content more lucrative than ever before. It will be possible to:

  • Condense video transcripts into blog posts and carousel articles (eg. ChatGPT).
  • Transform blog posts into video (eg. Lumen5).
  • Create AI-voiced video clips from pure text (eg. Synthesia).
  • New opportunities for conversion by making content accessible to visuallyimpaired or auditory impaired consumers by using text-to-voice generation (eg. or voice-to-text transcription (eg. Descript).

The list could go on forever.

The lesson here is that AI isn’t the huge monster that you believe it to be. AI is the weapon that can eliminate the barriers as well as the limitations and weaknesses that marketers have faced throughout their job.

Try using ChatGPT, Writesonic, Jasper, or to realize that AI can only improve your abilities. If you’ve been practicing you’ll be be more innovative, focused and flexible that you’ve been before. Think of it like you are able to be the sci-fi characters like Lucy and Eddie (Limitless).

In reality, with AI being capable of processing data and create content quickly it’s a whole new universe of endless possibilities. Marketing is not about a race against time, but instead a race to find the right message and market fit, as well as the ability to scale campaigns.

So, are able to master AI isn’t a matter about when it will happen, but rather how.

How Do I Learn To Integrate AI Into My Marketing Job In A Career-Safe Way?

The upcoming Ad World Conference includes a completely new AI in Advertising track to help you get started on the right path.

Participate in Ad World this March 29-30 from your comfort of home.

Explore your thoughts on the AI technology with expert speakers including legendary marketing expert Seth Godin, and deep look at how marketers can leverage the potential of AI.

Learn what it takes to

  • Master ChatGPT is a tool to help you create to create unique, thumb-stopping, and engaging content in record-time.
  • Create effective SEO campaigns with a budget of zero.
  • Limit efforts to research efforts.
  • Create endless ideas for your web design.
  • Check out parallel hypotheses in a flash and expand your business through data-driven research.

It will feature companies that are at the top of advertising and marketing using AI such as Jasper, Zapier, Craftly, Unbounce, and more.And you’ll learn what the future holds to offer machine learning (including the risks and rewards) as well as how this will impact the business.

When you finish the conference, you’ll be equipped with a new brain and a completely new way of thinking about growth.

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