What is Fake Antivirus?

Fake Antivirus is a software that is displayed as a real Antivirus, it is used by cybercriminals to trap their target and when their target gets caught in their trap, then they demand money from their target.

Fake Antivirus is exactly like the real Antivirus, the only difference is that the real Antivirus does not harm you, but through Fake Antivirus, you can get into big trouble.

Some malicious programs are added to Fake Antivirus and when Antivirus goes to your computer, then that malicious program starts doing its work, it starts blocking your data slowly and transmitting your data to its owner. starts.

Sometimes you must have noticed that when you download any software from the internet and when you start installing it, one or two software gets installed separately, due to which the speed of the computer slows down.

How Fake Antivirus Works ?

You might have sometimes noticed that when you access the internet, you see a pop-up window with the image of Antivirus on it and it is written that your system is in danger.

Many types of viruses have come in your system, if you want to remove that virus, then you can download and install this antivirus on your computer and then the virus can be removed from your computer.

Actually this is a trick by hackers to trap you, it is used by most hackers and that pop-up window is delivered to you through malvertising so that you can download and install that antivirus on your computer.

Sometimes this Fake Antivirus can be so dangerous that some malicious software is put in your computer due to which your computer gets blocked and then hackers demand money from you to unblock it.

How to recognize Fake Antivirus ?

Now you must have come to know what is Fake Antivirus and how it works, so let us now know how to recognize Antivirus again if you do not know about Fake Antivirus.

Then you may find it a little difficult to identify Fake Antivirus, if you know about Fake Antivirus then you will not have any difficulty in identifying Fake Antivirus.

To identify Fake Antivirus, I have given some tips below, through which you can identify which is Fake Antivirus and which is real Antivirus.

1. Decreased internet speed:-

Your internet speed also decreases due to Fake Antivirus, Fake Antivirus installs some junk malware in your computer, due to which the speed of internet decreases.

If you have downloaded an antivirus from the internet and your internet speed decreases as soon as you download the antivirus, then you understand that your internet speed has slowed down due to that antivirus.

2. Browser redirection:-

If Fake Antivirus is installed in your computer then you may get redirection problem of browser, you may also get to see web page redirection.

The problem of website redirection increases due to Fake Antivirus, if you want to go to a website like if you want to go to Facebook, then you will not go to Facebook and go to another website and that website is completely full of malware Will be.

3. More pop-up windows :-

By using Fake Antivirus, more pop up windows start appearing while running the internet, due to which you start getting irritation, due to which you lose your focus and click on a link on which you should not click was.

And when a link is clicked by mistake, then an unknown file gets downloaded in your computer and through that file your computer can also be at risk.

4. Changing the Home Screen of the Browser:-

If you have any unknown software download on your computer, then the easiest way to identify it is to check your web browser’s home screen if your web browser’s home screen has been changed from default.

So understand that there is some unknown software installed in your computer and you should uninstall that software as soon as possible otherwise you may get stuck in the problem.

5. Decreased Computer Speed :-

Due to some antivirus, the speed of the computer also decreases, if you feel that the speed of your computer has decreased due to whatever antivirus you use, then you should uninstall that antivirus as soon as possible.

Sometimes people get their computer formatted when the speed of the computer is low, but they should not do this, due to some other software, the speed of the computer also slows down.

If you want to maintain the speed of your computer, then you should always uninstall such software of your computer which you do not use on a regular basis.

How to avoid Fake Antivirus ?

1. Never click on the popup page:-

The first way is that you should never click on a popup because most of the malicious software is hidden in the popup window itself.

Due to which you can cause a lot of damage, your file can also be corrupted or that malicious software will block your computer.

2. Fix the shortcomings of the computer :-

You should always keep the shortcomings of your computer fixed because there are some software that gets installed in your computer due to the shortcomings of your computer, so you should always maintain your computer so that your computer is not vulnerable.

3. Always keep the firewall open :-

Now Microsoft has also started providing the feature of Firewall in its operating system. Firewall provides you security in two ways, it monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic of your network.

Because of which no unknown file can be downloaded from internet, if unknown file is downloaded then this firewall blocks it and keeps you safe.

4. Always pay attention to browser warnings :-

If you use the internet on your browser and your browser gives you a warning, then you should always pay attention to it because the browser also helps a lot in keeping you safe, so always pay attention to the browser’s warning.

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