What is Malware and What kind of threats can Malware cause?

Malware is a way in which malware is spread, due to malware, malware is delivered to people through the Internet and then they are shown a pop-up window and some such things are written on that pop-up window that you can download .

Malware is a form of advertising, the only difference is that advertising is not a threat to you, but you may be at risk from malware because malware can enter your computer or laptop through malware, causing your computer to malfunction.

Whenever you go to any website, only then a popup window opens on any website, on which it is written that there are many viruses in your computer, if you want to remove that virus then you can download this antivirus .

And if you don’t know about it then you will download that antivirus and you will be in danger because actually virus is hidden in that antivirus and all this is done to you because you are using that antivirus . Download so that malware can enter your computer

Let us understand Malvertising in easy language, you must have heard the name of Google AdSense and you must have also heard that what is the work of Google Adsense, Ads are shown to the people through Google AdSense and in the same way Malvertising gave it to the people. Is.

How does this work?

Now you must have known what is Malverizing, so now it is your turn to understand how Malverizing works and how malware is inserted into your computer or mobile through Malverizing.

To use Malvertising, first some Ad is required and then some Malicious Scripts are added to that Ad so that after clicking on that Ad, that Script is also clicked and Malware starts running in your computer.

You must have seen many times that when you click on an ad, after clicking on that ad another popup opens and it is written that your computer has enough virus to remove this virus. Download this file and when you click on it, you are taken to another website, if this ever happens to you, understand that you may be vulnerable to malware.

There are also some malware websites through which malware spreads like Google uses AdSense to show ads to its users, similarly other websites use malware to show malware.


1. If you want to avoid Malvertising, then you have to be alert at all times on the Internet, only then you can avoid Malvertising If you do then you can avoid Malvertising.

2. To avoid malware, you should always use antimalware because due to antimalware, malware is not able to enter your computer, due to which your personal information remains safe and you do not face any kind of danger.

3. If you want to avoid Malvertising then you should not go to Pirated Website because there is a lot of risk of Malvertising on Pirated Website.

4. To avoid malware, you should always go to the trusted website, you should not download any kind of unknown file.

5. You should always use paid software. In the pursuit of free, you should not go to any website where Malvertising is done a lot.

What kind of danger can be caused by MALVERTISING?

You can be at great risk through malware because as you all know malware is spread by malware and malware is a software through which your personal information is stolen. And then your information is sold.

Because of this, various types of promotional messages start coming to your phone number and to your email address and all this happens because of your information, if the senders of the promotional messages do not have your information, then they cannot send you the message. Were

Due to Malvertising, such a malware is put in your computer that the problem of redirection starts coming while browsing, whenever you want to go to any website, you go to another website by not going to that website and the same. It’s called a redirect.

And you do not know which website you have been redirected to, then you may be in danger. Maybe you have been redirected to a website that is full of malware and there is a high chance of malware getting into your computer. go.


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